Environment is more than just a space

Welcome to the first-generation holodeck.


By using this patented technology, you can create the actual structures displayed in virtual reality. 

"Worth millions. Maybe billions."
Dragon's Den producer
Edmonton, Alberta, auditions
April 2020

Physically storm the castle.

Design new attractions for a fraction of the cost.

Play any course in the world.

Prepare for any scenario – anywhere.

The developers of the VR Haptic Environment are offering to license the manufacturing and distribution rights to qualified organizations. These organizations should be capable of producing the product.


The VR Haptic Environment is a patented system enabling VR users to interact with the physical world while engaging with a virtual one.



The product is a system consisting of a plurality of actuating cylinders and a computing device. Each cylinder includes a rod that moves with a series of telescoping tube portions. These cylinders are used to create tangible objects for the user to interact with, such as chairs and tables, to enhance the VR experience. These cylinders are designed to support the weight of a human.


The patent includes for a computing device to control the actuating cylinders. The computing device sends command signals to the cylinders, which in turn create a haptically enhanced object in the VR environment. The VR Haptic Environment is patented in the United States and Canada. Other territories are being considered on an as-needed basis.

More Than VR


The actuated cylinders inside the environment react to the VR simulation in the headset, creating physical constructs users can engage with.


Users put on a virtual-reality headset in the VR Haptic Environment, and turn on the simulation.


Users experience their simulation as if they were physically there.

Evolution of Immersion

A Better Experience

The ability to interact physically with a virtual world is a game-changing move in the virtual reality world. It enables users to get the most out of their experiences and physically engage with the world they’re immersed in.

Enhanced Capabilities

This technology enables VR producers and creators to push VR to a new level of interactivity. The VR Haptic Environment has will change the way people interact with each other in a virtual environment.

More Than Gaming

The VR Haptic Environment enables users to go beyond gaming in the virtual environment. People can train for sporting events, prepare for difficult or dangerous tasks, and even use the device for rehabilitation purposes after accidents or surgery.

Create the First Holodeck

EnviroSimVR’s patented technology is available for licensing. Take your environment to the next level.


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